Fun Run is currently our largest fund raising event. The Fun Run includes a 1mile walk and a 5K run. Held each spring, the event includes booths for vendors and community based organizations. We get great support for this event from our school districts, and many runners from the schools. A signup form is available HERE. If you'd like to help us with the success of this event, here's our sponsor form!

District Conference is held in June of each year and is open to all Rotarians in our District 5300, which spans much of Southern California and as far east as Las Vegas. Many of our members enjoy the district conferences for the opportunity to meet other Rotarians in the district, attend some of the district level competitions (e.g. Dan Stover music contest), and for the pure social aspect of spending a fun weekend with their fellow members. Hosted hospitality suites are always part of the conference, and our club members also get away as a group to enjoy an evening out in the area.

The Rotary International Convention is open to all Rotarians around the world. This is a spectacular event with thousands of Rotarians from around the world attending. Each of our Club presidents have this event included on their calendars and find it enhances their connection with Rotary and its goals. The convention is held in a different city each year from America and countries around the world.

Social Events

Fellowship and parties are a big part of the Covina Rotary Club. While every weekly meeting presents an opportunity to hear an interesting speaker, there is also time allotted for socializing at the meetings. Various other social events are scheduled throughout the year as the opportunities present themselves. Regular annual events include:

St. Pat’s Dinner - One of our members, Charlie Kraal, is an old hand at preparing a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner, and he takes it upon himself to do this for us every year. The venue and festivities are determined on an annual basis.



Christmas Luncheon - One of our regular lunch meetings preceding Christmas becomes a special luncheon to include family members. There is entertainment, and Santa gives gifts to all the children and grandchildren. There is also a special evening social event each year during the holiday season.

The Kick-Out party is always the last social event of the fiscal year ending June 30, and is for the purpose of celebrating the end of year and “kicking out” the current president. The President uses this opportunity to recognize the efforts of the Board of Directors and key committee chairs. But admittedly, the majority of the event is dedicated to eating, drinking, socializing, and whatever recreational pursuits have been slated for the event.